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Automated Control System of Haydite Burning Area and Rotary Kiln Burner

Description of technological object

The system is put into operation at Sambirsky Haydite Plant (Lviv region, Ukraine). Constituents of technological process of haydite burning are:

  • elevator #1 (#2) of finished-products storage area;
  • mechanism of haydite grading;
  • folder gates ##1...6;
  • haydite breaker #1 (#2);
  • clay opener;
  • box transporter;
  • batcher #1 (#2) of in-process stock charging;
  • batcher of ground limestone;
  • burning kiln, main drive of kiln, dust precipitation chamber, kiln burner, kiln head;
  • silo banks #1...6;
  • cooler, chambers ##1...3;
  • blow fan of burner and cooler;
  • transporter #8;
  • power supply standby generator;
  • drying drum #2;
  • main smoke exhauster D-19;
  • chain elevator CS-1 (CS-2);
  • in-process stock grinder.

Destination of the ACS

Automated control system of haydite burning area and rotary kiln burner is intended for acquisition, representation and archiving the information, that permits to operator to carry out the control for process of haydite burning, for rotary kiln burner. Also the system is intended for remote control of technological objects of the kiln.

Structure and functions of the ACS

The developed system is integrated automated system that is based on programmable logic controller SIMATIC S7-300 from SIEMENS, distributed I/O modules ET-200 and operator stations, which in a whole perform the functions of measurement, monitoring, automatic and manual remote control, visualization and archiving of events and parameters of technological process.

Structure chart of the automated control systems is shown on figure 1.

Figure 1 - Structure chart of the ACS of haydite burning area and rotary kiln burner

Lower layer of the system is based on programmable logic controller Simatic S7-300, that provides reception of information (digital and analog) about flow of technological process, state of systems and machinery, values of measurable parameters. It also performs processing of the information in accordance with specified program, generation of commands and information transfer to operator station OS1srv. PLC Simatic S7-300 is located in control cabinet C1ctr in operator building, distributed I/O modules ET-200 are located in control cabinet C3ctr in remote plant building near technological equipment.

Upper layer of the system consists of 3 operator stations on basis of personal computers - OS1srv, OS2cl, OS3cl. OS1srv - operator station, server, that is located in operator building; OS2cl and OS3cl - operator stations, clients, that are located in remote administration building. Data exchange between OS1srv and OS2cl, OS3cl is realized via Ethernet network.

OS1srv performs the data exchange with Simatic S7-300 via MPI (Multi Point Interface), visualizes the state of technological equipment at mnenonic screens, writes the analog values to daily archives and the discrete data in event log (switching the equipment on/off, threshold elevations, alarms, operator actions and so on). Analog archive values are displayed in trend view, the customer can create and modify trend groups. The databases and custom settings for OS2cl and OS3cl are generated the same way. Operator can execute the control of technological process (for example, switch the equipment on/off) and modify limit values.

OS2cl and OS3cl are constituent parts of the ACS, only the difference - visualization and archive reading are performed from server database, which is located on OS1srv. Operator also can modify the parameters of technological process, not directly in PLC, but through OS1srv, which traces and registers all changes in the system.