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Installation for Advanced Extraction of Hydrocarbons
at Tymofiivka Gas-Condensate Field


Subsidiary company 'Ukrgazvydobuvannya' (National Stock Company 'Naftogaz Ukrainy') put the installation of advanced extraction of hydrocarbons into commission at Tymofiivka oil-gas-condensate field. The field is part of Gadyach gas deposit that is serviced by 'Poltavagazvydobuvannya' gas production department.

'Ukrgazvydobuvannya' company began construction of the installation in March, 2004. Putting the installation into operation was planned in forth quarter of 2004. The cost of construction makes up 52 millions of Ukrainian gryvns. Pay-back period will not exceed 3 years. Financing of construction work at Tymofiivka field is realized at the expense of own funds of the company. Building of the installation of advanced extraction of liquid hydrocarbons was started for the purpose of production of components of propane-butane fraction. 'Ukrgazvydobuvannya' company already exploits similar installation at Solokha deposit.

At present time 612 tonnes of gas condensate are obtained every 24 hours at Tymofiivka field. Gas condensate is pipelined to Seleschyna condensate stabilization plant.

As the company notes, the implementation of high-productivity technologies relative to gas and condensate conversion processes is one of the priorities of 'Ukrgazvydobuvannya' company. Planned production capacity of the installation will permit to produce 64’600 tonnes of liquefied gas and 46’600 tonnes of stable gasoline every year directly at Tymofiivka field. It will save the funds of the company that are expended now on transportation of gas condensate to Seleschyna condensate stabilization plant.

REFERENCE. Tymofiivka oil-gas-condensate field is characterized by high condensate content in natural gas. Gas condensate is valuable raw material for production of liquefied gas and stable gasoline. The field is exploited from 1978 and is situated in western part of Dniepr-Donetsk Basin on territory of Poltava region of Ukraine. For operating period of the field 2.9 million tonnes of gas condensate and 154 thousand tonnes of oil was extracted. Today the production of gas condensate makes up 612 tonnes every day. Some portion of obtained gas is returned to geological formation in cycling process mode for maintenance of reservoir pressure.

Source: Ukrinform

Votum Ltd performed development of the automated control system of the installation, delivery and mounting of automation hardware, adjusting works and putting of the system into operation.

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