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Automated Control System of Preparation of Slurry of Set-point Titre
at 'Podilsky Cement' Enterprise


Description of technological object

Automated control system (ACS) of slurry preparation on division of two-stage slurry correction at 'Podilsky Cement' enterprise is performed on the basis of technical requirements elaborated as a result of preliminary inspection of technological process of preparation of set-point titre slurry in operational basin by means of automatic stabilization of ratio of different titre slurry supply from first-stage slurry basins.

Destination of the ACS

On the whole the system is intended for automated control of technological process of set-point titre slurry making in operational slurry basin. At that visualization of the process and accounting of slurry is provided.

Main task of the system is implementation of hardware and software solution on division of two-stage slurry correction that enables to perform automated control of slurry preparation. At that stability of titre of slurry is achieved in operational slurry basin. It provides making of high quality end product, and as a result promotes improvement of technical and economic indices of production.

Structure and functions of the ACS

The ACS of slurry preparation is integrated automated system that is based on present-day universal automation system SIMATIC C7 from SIEMENS and computer, which both perform the functions of measurement, monitoring, automatic and remote manual control, visualization and archiving of events and parameters of technological process.

Structure chart of the system is represented on figure 1.

Figure 1 - Structure chart of the ACS of slurry preparation

The system provides automatic maintenance of set-point value of titre of slurry in operational slurry basin, namely:

visualization of slurry preparation process and calculation of amount of slurry gone;

automatic stabilization of ratio of flow rates of slurry of different titres;

measurement of slurry flow rates with accumulation (point-by-point integration of flow) in every first stage basin (3 basins);

indication of valve position on slurry supply (4 valves);

automatic adjustment and remote control of valve position;

monitoring and visualization of historical trends of slurry flow;- capacity of information transfer to production manager (by means of PROFIBUS industrial network);

The appearance of control cabinet is represented on figure 2. It contains compact control module SIMATIC C7-635 (SIEMENS), signal converters MAG5000 (4 ones) from SIEMENS for induction flowmeters MAGFLO with MAG3100 sensors, elements of manual remote control of slurry valves and indication of their position, interposing relays, automatic circuit breakers, connector blocks and other auxiliary hardware.


Figure 2 – Front view of control cabinet with mounted hardware

The automation system also performs functions of self-diagnostic and signaling about internal faults of equipment and is expandable.


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