Automated Control System of Flakeboard Production at 'Krono-Osmoloda' Enterprise

Votum Ltd participated in adaptation and debugging of the software, that was created by ATR Automation & System Integration company for Simatic S5 135U system that controls the sizing (glueing) and the processing line at flakeboard production plant (Krono-Osmoloda enterprise).

The task consisted in substitution of the hardware and the software (figure 1) that were developed in 1991 for present-day automated control system (figure 2) on the basis of Simatic S7-400 & Simatic DP ET200M.

Debugging of the software is performed for following technological objects:

  • glueing (sizing) of the shavings for external and internal layers;
  • spreading machines for external and internal layers;
  • forming line;
  • pre-press;
  • ContiRollĀ® press;
  • roller beds;
  • turnover device
  • and others.