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System of Monitoring of Cement Mill and Control of Flyash Silo and Cement Silos at Mykolaiv Cement Plant

Description of technological object

The system of monitoring of cement mill #8 and control of flyash silo and cement silos #21, 23, 25 at Mykolaiv cement plant is performed on the basis of technical requirements, that was elaborated as a result of preliminary inspection of technological process of transportation of flyash to silo, transportation of flyash from silo and its proportioning to cement, transportation of cement to medium block of silos.

Destination of the ACS

The system is intended for monitoring of state of cement mill #8, SCHENCK batching system, remote control of fuller and filters of flyash silo and bunker, remote control of filters of cement silos #21, 23, 25, level control in cement silos and flyash bunker.

Structure and functions of the ACS

The systems consists of two independent segments

subsystem of monitoring of cement mill #8 (see figure 1), which includes control desk with operator workstation and S7-300 controller with corresponding software as well as ET200M distributed periphery module;

Figure 1 - Structure chart of subsystem of monitoring of cement mill #8 and control of flyash silo

subsystem of control of cement silos #21, 23, 25 (see figure 2), which required the reconfiguration of the software of existing operator workstation PC 670 (WinCC v5.1), operator panel MP 370 (ProTool v6.2), контроллера S7-400 (Step7 v5.1).

Figure 2 - Structure chart of subsystem of control of cement silos #21, 23, 25

The system provides two modes of control of fuller and filter drives:

  • remote control - by operator workstation;
  • local control - from control buttons suit job requirements.

Starting the drives from local control buttons is permitted only in the presence of enable signal from operator workstation. Stopping the drives is possible in both modes.

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