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Automated System of Weighing and Batching of the Components of Glue

General information

The automated weighing and batching system is put into operation at 'Enia' Enterprise, town Kalush, Ukraine. Constituents of technological process of preparation of glue are:

  • sequential filling of the hopper by the components of glue with control of the hopper weight and the weight of each component;
  • mixing of the components of glue;
  • pumping of finished product to next production line.

Metrological certification of the weight measuring system has been realized, metrological performance has been determined. Measurement accuracy doesn't exceed 0.05% at whole weighing scale range (0...6000 kg), that is quite enough for such systems. The system is approved for operation in accordance with corresponding metrological requirements and standards.

Destination of the system

The system is intended for acquisition, representation, archiving and printing information, that permits to operator to carry out the control for process of weighing and batching of the components easily in manual mode and to carry out the automatic batching of the components of glue in accordance with selected recipe.

Purpose of automation is creation of unified hardware-software solution that permits to perform automated control of technological process and to provide successful performance of production equipment.

Structure and functions

Hardware-software solution is implemented on the basis of present-day automation facilities - equipment from Siemens - programmable logical controller SIMATIC S7-300, operator panel OP177B, electronic weight measurement module SIWAREX U, plus strain sensors SIWAREX R (3 ones).

The object of automation is the workshop of weighing and batching (hopper number 1) with following actuating mechanisms:

  • feedwater pumps P1 and P2;
  • product discharge pumps P3 and P4;
  • component supply valves V1-1, ... , V1-6;
  • chalk supply screw number 1;
  • mixer M1, motor speed of which is controlled by frequency converter Altivar 58;
  • shakers number 1 and 2.

Structure of the automated weighing and batching system is represented on figure 1.

The automated system provides the performing of following functions:

  • сinformation acquisition and centralized control, operative representation of information about technological process flow and status of equipment;
  • automatic continuous monitoring of state of health of basic facilities and devices, particularly frequency converter Altivar 58, weight measurement module SIWAREX, electrical switching facilities;
  • program-logical control of batching process and automatic blocking of actuators in accordance with technological schedule;
  • notification of the personnel about abnormal modes of working (technological signaling, alarm visual and alarm sound signaling in the case of irregularity of technological parameters);
  • selection of configured recipes and modification of recipes in case of product preparation in automatic mode of batching of the components;
  • archiving of result information about production cycles and printing of reports.

The automation system also performs functions of self-diagnostic and signaling about internal faults of equipment and is expandable (for hopper number 2). The system has capacity extension, including inputs-outputs, performance of cental processing unit, clamp connections for cables and other hardware.

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