Automated Control System of Experimental-Industrial Unit of Gas Condensate Stabilization

Description of technological object

Object of automation is process unit of experimental-industrial installation of gas condensate stabilization with located on its territory following technological facilities:

Destination of the ACS

The system is intended for managing the technological objects of the installation of gas condensate stabilization in accordance with operating standards of quality and provides automated control and monitoring of process objects, primary (main) and secondary (auxiliary) equipment, rational running of equipment and technical diagnostics of its state.

Structure and functions of the ACS

The developed system is integrated automated system that is based on present-day universal automation system SIMATIC C7 from SIEMENS and operator workstation, which both perform the functions of measurement, monitoring, automatic control, visualization and archiving of events and parameters of technological process.

Structure chart of the automated control system is shown on figure 1.

Result of application of the system

Result of application of the system

Systems implementation permits:

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