Automatic Batching System in Demnya-Dobryansky Open-Cast Mine

Description of technological object

The automatic batching system (ABS) in Demnya-Dobryansky open-cast mine at 'Mykolaivcement' enterprise is performed on the basis of technical requirements, that was elaborated as a result of preliminary inspection of technological process of preparation of clayey limestone slurry in open-cast mine and on analysis of existing present-day batching equipment.

Destination of the ABS

On the whole the system is intended for automatic maintenance of clayey slurry flow rate and water flow at set-point level as well as limestone supply in the process of preparation of clayey limestone slurry. At that visualization of the process and accounting of components is provided.

Purpose of automation is creation of hardware-software solution, by means of which stabilization of clayey limestone slurry composition is achieved due to automatic adjustment of required ratio of components. On the whole it promotes the improvement of technical and economic indices of production.

Structure and functions of the ABS

Hardware-software solution is implemented on the basis of present-day universal automation system SIMATIC C7 from SIEMENS.

Structure of the automatic batching system is represented on figure 1.

Figure 1 – Structure chart of the ABS in Demnya-Dobryansky open-cast mine

The system provides the performance of following basic functions:

  • continuous measurement and point-by-point integration of clayey slurry flow and technical water flow;
  • automatic adjustment and remote control of clayey slurry supply and water supply;
  • monitoring of SCHENCK batching system and automatic set-point assignment of limestone flow rate;
  • control of SYNEX pneumatic pulsers;
  • remote control of ALTIVAR 58 frequency converter of electrical drive of slurry pump;
  • operative representation of information about the performance of frequency converter of electrical drive of slurry pump;
  • visualization of technological process of batching process on SIMATIC C7 panel;
  • calculation of amount of gone limestone, slurry and water per minute, day, month, year.

The automation system also performs functions of self-diagnostic and signaling about internal faults of equipment and is expandable.